Congratulate yourself.

You made is through another year.

You lionized another birthday

And hoped for many more.


You dressed your transgressions in purple robes,

Tolerated the tolerable,

And dreamed another dream.


That person that you were last year

has passed on to become memory.

The person you are to be this year

is being contemplated as we speak.


I hope you made the proper number of mistakes

and hope to make a similar number this coming year.

Mistakes mean that we are doing something–

Perhaps something we have not done before.


Congratulate yourself.

You are known by your blunders,

Admired for your accuracy,

And vilified for your honesty,

As are we all.


Congratulate yourself.

Though time flew by, you persevered.

Though you did not do it all,

You chipped away at it.


Congratulate yourself.

Say, “Happy new year.”

Welcome to the land of beginning again.


Keep those thoughts positive,

Those acts causative,

The mind cognitive.



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