The world has always been filled with mediocrity. Mediocrity lies in the middle––the median plane––so it is more plentiful than that which is above and below it. As individuals, we always find ourselves in the middle, for we are the center point of our unique worlds.

We all have conflicting opinions––sometimes even within ourselves. That is because our concerns and viewpoints differ. Each of these viewpoints is composed of observations from different levels and perspectives. These levels are dimensional. The tool for the understanding of these dimensions is awareness. In other words, dimensions themselves are levels of observations and awareness. As we learn and assimilate information, we change our dimensional viewpoints. We become more complex. There is more information to sort and balance to form judicious judgments. We are multi-dimensional beings.

The Roots of Conflict

Conflicts of opinion are caused by judgments. Without judgments, we would have no conflict of opinion. All judgments are made from a limited perspective. Since none of us know it all, we will make bad judgments as well as good ones. It becomes even more complicated. What is good judgment in one instance is bad judgment in another.

In many cases, it is best not to rush to judgment at all. Judgments can be modified with the acquisition of different observations and facts.

The judgments others have made have drastically affected us. The opinions others have formed about us have a profound effect on our personality and character. When we have too much respect for the opinions of others in this world, we can lose our personal bearings. We need to care about what others think, but not so much that we lose our inner voice.

What we are, primarily, are present beings. There is not a single one of us that does not live every moment in the now, this present time, no matter what occupies our minds and muscles. The present continuum, the now, occupies all time.

The present, after all, is but awareness. The now is that immeasurably small and timeless moment that is observing what is happening at this split second. As soon as we blink or think about it, it has joined the past. The now is where we constantly find ourselves.

The past is where the physical forms of existence dwell. The past is the artifacts of events that happened as the timeless now passed through history and left its tracks.

The Present is Awareness

It is good to remember that the present is awareness because we can change awareness at will. We need but turn our heads to see another scene. We need but expand ourselves to see a different viewpoint. We need but to change the radio station to hear a different song.

We are our dreams if we care to dream. We are our hopes if we care to hope. We are our past in so far as it has brought us to the present.

Kenneth Harper Finton


Nothing Is Real: A metaphor for greater ideas, Kindle Edition

by Kenneth Finton (Author)

Dimensions are the building blocks of material existence. This book explores in depth the dual meaning of the title. Beginning with the source in zero dimension to the infinite 1st dimension (the point), to the second dimension of the universal plane, to the third dimension that observes the height and shape of an object in space, to the fourth dimension of spacetime where we view our world … the perception of dimensions creates our material universe





Those swishing through Nebraska on Interstate 80 will not see Funk. The only way I found it was coming up from Kansas on US 34. When the “Welcome to Funk” sign appeared before me, I had to stop and see what Funk was really like.

It is a town of less than 200 people surrounded by the corn industry. A huge concrete grain shipping and storage facility if the heart of the economy.

As expected, Funk was named for P.C. Funk, a Civil War veteran who bought some land to foster a townsite for a branch of the Nebraska-Colorado Railroad (now known as the Burlington Northern). The town lived on through three major fires, the  serious droughts during dust bowl problems in the 1930’s, and the Great Depression.

Today, some well-kept Victorian homes still grace the central park and a small downtown section keeps a few residents occupied.  It is a place where there is no rush and time moves slowly as in the decades that have passed since its founding.

Below is a short video of Funk today.