What is your cut?

Sexist crap?

Sell meat by showing beef cut counterparts on a naked girl?

This ad uses a naked woman’s body in order to depict the certain types of meat cuts you can find on a cow.

Do we assume that people are buying their meat because they can then actually connect this diagram of a woman to a cow?

Are we deciding what meat cut we want from the cow diagram? Does the round rump of the woman seem more delicious and quite sexy?

Does the round and the rump of the woman make men nod in approval?  Does it seem  delicious and quite sexy?

Does this show us how society thinks of women, or is that reading too much into it a clever advertising ploy?

Is this simply another reference to the feminine and masculine properties where even foods have masculine and feminine articles to identify them.

One thing noticeably missing here is the breast, always tasty, always a favorite.


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