The Menopause and Sex Benefits

Doris Dawn - Mature Model.

I am so excited and euphoric that I’ll discharge in writing first. A piece of news and a round mail message, they fit together like nothing else. Actually, I figured out that nothing runs at random.

I’m officially at menopause! Cannot tell how happy I am. I feel liberated and consider sharing some of the pre-menopause to menopause transition period concerns with other ladies. Why am I saying this? Because I entered pre-menopause five years ago. No one believed me then. My friends were skeptical when I was telling them about it. I was 40 then. Ensued a two years interval when I did the mistake of taking for granted the mainstream doctors’ scaring advices. Cervical conization, maybe a hysterectomy… they were suggesting. I declined, searching for naturist medics, those less inclined towards surgery and more familiar with the harmony between our body-soul duality and the naturally created environment.

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