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While I was busy eating

My carrot spoke to me.

It said, “You simple, idle fool,

You cannot swallow me.”

“You grubby root,” I said to it,

“That’s not for you to say.

Your purpose, so they tell me.

Is to look the other way.”

While I was busy reading

The author chastised me.

“These thoughts that you are thinking,”

He said, “are not of me.”

While I was busy sleeping

The world went bust on me.

While I was busy drinking,

I snubbed reality.

While I was  busy writing

My friends all disappeared.

When I was busy dreaming

Some would reappear.

Half dead and resurrected

For allegiance can’t be bought.

Tortured and neglected,

They swam across my thoughts.

I realized the truth therein

And closed the book of dreams.

It seems that nothing ever was

Exactly what it seemed.

Postmodernism is a late-20th-century movement in the arts, architecture, and criticism that was a departure from modernism. Postmodernism includes skeptical interpretations of culture, literature, art, philosophy, history, economics, architecture, fiction, and literary criticism

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